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Company Overview

CounterWorks was founded in 1981 by a group of Automotive Warehouse Distributors and Colorado Business Computer Systems Inc. (CBCS) to develop a jobber computer system. The goal was to produce a high quality, affordable jobber computer system using the latest micro-computer technology and software tools. On July 1, 1982 the first CounterWorks system went "live" at a store in Boulder, CO.

Over the past 25 years CounterWorks has shipped over 1000 systems and the original CounterWorks software has gone through 9 major releases. All of the new features and enhancements to the CounterWorks software have come directly from end user and WD input. Counterworks Inc. continues to be owned by Automotive WD's and CBCS Inc. CounterWorks Inc. goal continues to be to offer the highest quality, affordable jobber computer systems to the automotive aftermarket through it's associated warehouse distributors.

In June 2000 CounterWorks 2 was released. CounterWorks 2 is designed for the Microsoft Windows 2000 operating system. It contains all of the features developed over the previous 19 years and utilizes the familiar MS Windows interface. CounterWorks 2 sets new standards in flexibility, communications and ease of use.

For more information about CounterWorks, or becoming a CounterWorks WD, please contact David Culbertson at CBCS Inc., 303-759-4589 or Contact via email.